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Quik Stop Restoration is a trusted industry leader in Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services Gilbert AZ. Locally owned and operated, we believe in treating the customer right. That means doing the work that is actually needed, not looking for a big payday on your dime.

Where we can, we try to salvage carpet, cabinets, and walls that aren’t affected; leaving more of your home in place and less that needs to be replaced. Saving you lots out of pocket or with your insurance claim!

The Water Damage Restoration Process

The Water Damage Restoration Process is a proven method for immediately addressing water damage, mitigating its impact and beginning the repair process. Our crews follow this four step method on every job to protect the investment you've made in your home or business. 

Assessing the Situation

If there is standing water, our technicians want to extract the excess water immediately. Water that contains contaminants such as sewage needs special attention to protect both for the homeowner and our technicians. Special equipment is used to filter the air so that in many cases you can still stay in your home while repairs are being made. 

Our technicians take specific measurements including humidity and temperature readings, to ensure that what is removed is necessary to dry out the house and prevent mold growth. We will also reach out to your agent and/or insurance company to begin the claim process. 

Water Damage Cleanup, Removal and Disposal

Often when a water loss happens the surrounding drywall, carpet flooring and/or cabinetry are affected and may also need to be removed. Our team will cut out damaged areas and either bag or remove in its entirety. Typically they will take these materials with them to dispose of properly, unless special circumstances prevent them from doing so.

Drying Out the Water Damaged Area

Once our technicians have a clear area with unsalvageable areas removed, they will begin placing drying equipment in the area where the loss occurred.  This includes industrial grade dehumidifiers and air movers. These help pull the moisture out of the affected areas, into the air and then out of the air and pumped out into a nearby drain. 

It normally takes one to three days to dry out an area completely. Our technicians will come by every day to take new readings and monitor the equipment. Once the area is dried out, the technician will remove the equipment and spray down special chemicals to remove lingering smells and prevent future mold growth.

Working with Your Insurance

Throughout the process we will work with your insurance company and any adjusters to explain our process and the necessary steps we took. It’s important to work with a seasoned restoration team as many companies require particular information to help support the remediation efforts. 

As we’ve worked with countless insurance companies before, we know what they’re looking for and will be able to make the claim process as effortless as possible. Once our technicians have completed their work, they will submit the invoice for the claim and finish up any outstanding details.


Why Use a Restoration Company?

When a bad storm hits or a dishwasher overflows, you may be tempted to handle this one yourself. Maybe even grab a few towels or a mop and now the water is completely gone. It’s true there are some instances where a restoration company just isn’t the right fit for the job. Which is why we offer free estimates on Water Damage Inspections.

However, many times water can seep further underneath carpet, the carpet padding, cabinets, baseboards and up into the walls. This makes it very difficult for the water to escape back up into the air and can start to cause mold growth or other problems with the home. Also these problems aren’t always visible to the naked eye and take special equipment to identify and extract the moisture out of your home. 

You may have seen the posters with a huge iceberg lurking below the water and a very small portion poking above the surface. This can very much be true when talking about water damage (“floods”) in your home. In the case of a storm damage there might have been a surge of water that finally made a pool or water or yellowing stain visible to you but much of the water can drain to other areas and still be trapped behind drywall and insulation. Have the peace of mind and our team of restoration experts can inspect your home for any possible hidden water damage.


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